Welcome to All Nations Church. We’re privileged to have you visit us and we trust that you have experienced God’s presence in a very unique way.

Our service is designed to express our love to God and to hear from Him. When we gather as a Body of Christ with so many different members, we do so to respond to His presence. Each one expresses himself/herself in a variety of ways, but we are all motivated by our common love for God and our personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

We, in All Nations Church, function as a diverse New Testament church to meet the needs of many, and it is our vision to help you know God personally and intimately.

All Nations Church centers on Worship, the Word, and Outreach. We rejoice in the love and closeness that these concepts have inspired in out people.

We want and need you to take part in the tremendous move of God in this vineyard… Come be a part of our vision!