At All Nations Kharis House, we understand that families are the pillars of every community. At our church, we value the importance of keeping our families involved in our activities so that they always feel like they have a home here at Kharis House. Learn more about each of our ministries that specifically cater to children, youth, and young adults.


Our Kingz Kidz ministry seeks to teach and implement the basic foundations of Christianity to any child 13 and under. As a large ministry divided into smaller age groups, you can be assured that your child is attending service with other like-minded children and that their lessons are age appropriate. Our trained volunteers actively engage with your children each and every Sunday while service is ongoing.


As a ministry for our youth (ages 13-18), GenNext seeks to create a space where teenagers can know Christ for themselves. Covering serious topics like faith in Christ, relationships with friends and family, and self-awareness, GenNext shares biblical tools that emphasize the need for a strong connection between God and our youth.


Cornerstone is our young adult’s ministry that aims to meet people where they are, provide tools for navigating independence, and create a social experience of fun and community. This ministry proves that you can still enjoy your “prime” years and remain deeply committed to God.