By obeying a call from God over twenty years ago, Senior pastor, Dr. Frank Ofosu-Appiah and First Lady, Pastor Mary Ofosu-Appiah have instilled hope in thousands of lives that they have encountered through All Nations Church. From planting a church with just a few people to overseeing the operations of several churches worldwide, All Nations has been able to share the gospel.


Restoring People and Releasing Their Potential by Connecting Them to God. 


We aim to Expose, Enable, Equip, & Enrich.


Dr. Frank Ofosu-Appiah is a noted Life Coach and Leadership Architect; a respected educator, speaker, and author on issues related to leadership development. He serves as the Senior Pastor of All Nations Kharis House in Atlanta, Georgia and manages a network of ministries and organizations under the umbrella of the Living Springs International Fellowship of Churches. 

Dr. Ofosu-Appiah is the Director of Advanced Life, an organization aimed at providing coaching, mentoring and consulting services to business, government and non-profit organizational leaders worldwide. He is also the Chancellor of the Institute of Leadership and Development (iLEAD). He and his wife Mary live with their children in Atlanta, Georgia.


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Expose, Enable, Equip, & Enrich

Expose people to the hope and limitless potential found in Jesus Christ
Enable them to achieve their destinies by releasing their God-given abilities.
Equip them to become leaders in their communities.
Enrich them to become influencers in their families, businesses and in the world.