2020 THEME

EXODUS 14:15

  “…Tell the children of Israel To Go Forward.”


EXODUS 14:15

Moses had led Israel out from 430 years of captivity. They were
excited that finally, they were free and were marching straight into their
Promised Land. Then, what do they see? A formidable barrier called The Red Sea!

Naturally, Israel panics and the Lord gave the proceeding Word…GO FORWARD!!!

That is our mandate this coming year 2020. It is our time to Advance!

ADVANCE: To Go forward, Make Progress, Move On, Make Inroads

A. Stagnation, self-imposed limitations, satanic barriers and obstacles will
come tumbling down as we make forceful progress in the power of the God
who gave the Word.
B. Businesses, ministries and endeavors will explode in growth as
advancement comes your way.
C. Our churches and ministries will make significant impact as we defy all the
things that may conspire to try to stop us.


Because the Lord is going ahead of us! If God has spoken, we should be confident
that He will not forsake us.
Is. 45:1-3
That is His promise… He will open the Double Doors for us. 2020 will usher in
Double Doors of Opportunities.
There will be big and significant doors that will be open for us.

WORKING THE WORD OUT… This will be concentrated in 5 major areas.

There must a new passion for God and that things of God. We must go back to the ancient paths of:
The Word
Relationship with God and with others

This is so necessary in the Body of Christ today. Our testimonies in the world are
often compromised because Christians are always playing catch up. There is
unlimited grace resident on the inside of us to be productive in all our
Job 32:8
Gen. 1:28

That is the most important mandate the Lord has given us to reach our world with
the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. It is time to engage our communities and our
larger world with the Gospel.
We will to find innovative ways to reach our communities. They must see us as
relevant and viable.

It is an undeniable fact that the family is under a concerted attack. There’s an
increasing generational divide that must be bridged. We will teach our people to
fight for the family.

It is not enough to advance. We must leave no one behind. We must be
transgenerational people who lay a good foundation for successive generations to
build on.

Josh. 4:4-7